The Problem
Is Everywhere

North Carolina is experiencing an opioid crisis.

Our beautiful state is overwhelmed by opioids—and for many of us, they’re hiding in plain sight, right in the communities we call home. Watch the video to learn more about North Carolina’s opioid crisis and how you can help.

What are

Learn the basics about opioids: what they are, what they do and how they can become a problem.

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the Risks

The opioid epidemic is devastating families and communities. Learning the risks can help us protect ourselves and the people we love.

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the Facts

More than 30 deaths every week—more than five every day. The facts are overwhelming, but knowing the numbers can help us understand the scope of the opioid epidemic—and take action to address it.

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Then there was her smile. I don’t think anyone would deny that when Vanessa was among friends, she was always smiling and making others happy. She was only 4’11” but she had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. That was where her struggles began.


Recovery has given me the opportunity to be a mother to my children,
a daughter to my parents,
and an individual who believes in the potential of others who might be struggling with the hopeless state of mind addiction causes.


A message from
Attorney General Josh Stein

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Important Dates

  • NC Payers Council Releases Approach to Further Combat the Opioid Crisis in North Carolina.
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  • Governor Cooper Takes Action to Help NC Seek $25 Million in Federal Grants to Combat the Opioid Crisis.
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  • Governor Cooper Announces $1.5 Million in Grant Awards to Combat Opioid Crisis in Communities.
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  • DHHS Dashboard Tracks Opioid Action Plan Progress; Data Show Reduction of Prescription Opioids, Increased Access to Care.
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Make A

Each of us has a role to play to help end the opioid epidemic, from taking back our leftover prescription pills to asking our doctors about alternatives for pain management.